Grit 2 Grace Fitness Services

Online & Prep Coaching

4 week Coaching: $220

  • 4 virtual or private meetings to discuss program progress and concerns. 45 minute session. You can utilize this 45 minutes as a personal training session/ or behavioral coaching. Any additional session would be extra.
  • 4 week customized program, includes workout schedule [ Via NASM EDGE] and nutritional guidance. We will come up with a plan that fits your lifestyle and needs.
  • Meal plan and macronutrient plan. 7 day plan. With yes/no list. Grocery list and more coaching.
  • Monday weight and photo check ins to keep focused on progress made. To really follow progress and see whats working. Minimum requirement bi-weekly photos.

8 Week Coaching: $400

  • 45 minute weekly coaching calls to discuss form, and go over program changes. [May do in person sessions 1-3x a month; weight training form and Technique, muscle imbalances, stretching, and more.]
  • Customized workout plan per each phase of prep. [Adjust each month]. 2 month plan included. The workouts are in your App; Nasm Edge. But programmed for 2 months.
  • Monthly macro-nutrient and calorie adjustment, based on progress. This will be opening to clients needs and plan. Some may not need a plan with set macros. Plan will be dictated on individual basis.
  • Meal plan each month. Weekly plan. Up to 6 weeks of variations.
  • Weekly photo and pose check ins [monday prior to coach call schedule weekly basis for competition prep clients only.]
  • Monthly progress evaluation 4x. Bi-weekly check ins for weight and photos. As well as 2 fitness evaluations.
  • Unlimited email/text correspondence for questions. Within reason. My off days are Sunday.


  • Private personal training sessions will be an extra charge [ average $35 per session for 45 minutes.]
  • Payment due prior to service rendered.
  • 7 days from payment your program will be completed and emailed to your private direct folder in Google drive.
  • Cash and Check no tax charges.
  • Credit Card Sales Tax added.
  • 7 days from payment date you may be issued a refund. After that period you may not receive a refund as I’ve already invested hours into creating your program and routine for months ahead.

Online Coaching

20-45 minute workouts. Access to personal training App with a monthly fee based on program design. Every client will begin at a different starting point and so your specific program will be designed through the APP too create the proper program for your specific physical needs and assessment results. A scheduled virtual or in person meeting for 30 minutes to discuss success and struggles so we can constantly adjust the program to meet your needs from month to month. Suitable for clients out of state or needing to save on cost!

Avg cost per month of Online Coaching is $75. 

Lifestyle session may be done in online only

Lifestyle session may be done in online only, available to someone looking for direction on where to begin with life. Your not specifically ready to start a program or personal training but you need spiritual/mindset perspective to begin a pivot in your lifestyle. Or you are already working out and feel as those something is missing in your life; and needed spiritual perspective!

Rate will be $40/per hour. 2 hour max per session.


An hour appointment done online. We cover a physical readiness questionnaire, physical assessment, as well as getting to know each other to see if we are good good fit for each other.

This service is a non-refundable fee of $35.00.

Client referral

Be sure to let me know if you were referred by a past or present client- I will do your first initial consultation for free, as well as give the referral session for free to my client!